Ascension, an original acrylic painting on a ten by eight inch stretched canvas. A wolf head with chakras represented as planets floats among the stars.
Orginal by Rylie Daisha 
Completed on February 5, 2022
An acrylic painting on a 10x8 inch stretched canvas

A depiction of higher being and alignment. A wolf's spirit sits among the stars with planets representing the seven chakras: 
Light Purple - Crown Chakra. Incorporates knowledge, consciousness, fulfillment, and spirituality.
Lavender - Third Eye Chakra. The intuition, lucidity, meditation, and trust within a soul.
Light Blue - Throat Chakra. One's communication, expression, creativity, and inspiration. 
Green - Throat Chakra. One's acceptance, love, compassion, and sincerity. 
Yellow - Solar Plexus Chakra. The strength, personality, power, and determination in a soul. 
Orange - Sacral Chakra. A soul's sensuality, sexuality, pleasure, and sociability. 
Red - Root Chakra. The energy, stability, comfort, and safety of a soul. 
A whole of its parts, the wolf has ascended to a higher being, with its life energies radiating in the cosmos. The energy discovered. It is found, it cannot be lost. It remains to be discovered once again completing the cycle. 

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