CENTURY 21 Elite
Jan 2020 - Sep 2021
CENTURY 21 Elite 
523 Wabash Avenue
Terre Haute, IN 47807
Marketing Manager - Jan 2020 - Sep 2021
At CENTURY 21 Elite, I served as the Marketing Manager and head of the marketing department. I started in my role at this company in January of 2020 and helped guide CENTURY 21 Elite's marketing and communication functions through a pandemic. 
Before my employment, the organization had no existing standard marketing plan for marketing functions. As part of my role, I helped solidify CENTURY 21 Elite's market position and execute campaigns for the company with its existing brand presence. In the first year of my role, the organization displayed amazing organic growth through our strategy and content creation. 
Now, CENTURY 21 Elite continues to grow as we have added one new member to our team and are pursuing new goals in our marketing plan.
Department Oversight
Market Research
Market Planning
Content Creation
Website Design
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Management
Email Marketing
2020 Growth:

Users: 2,055.9% Increase
Sessions: 1,952.6% Increase
Session Duration: 11.9% Increase

Facebook: 53% Growth
Instagram: 73% Growth
Twitter: 4% Growth
LinkedIn: 1400% Growth
YouTube: 67% growth

Work Samples.
The Relentless Campaign.
The Relentless Campaign began as an idea to feature unsung community members in Terre Haute, IN. In January of 2020 when I began my time at CENTURY 21 Elite, I helped execute this campaign to recognize those who give 121% to make Terre Haute, IN a better place.  2020 proved to be a great year to highlight those changing the community, and CENTURY 21 Elite successfully recognized 9 individual community members. This year, CENTURY 21 Elite continues The Relentless Campaign with goals to feature 12 individual community members.
Content Creation.

CENTURY 21 Elite's office and statements from Natalie Green (Owner), Peg Finzel (Agent), Susan Edington (Agent), and Devin Elmore (Agent). 

7 Things to do Before You Put Your House on the Market.
Selling your home is certainly a daunting process. There are many moving parts, and it can be quite overwhelming. However, there are things you can do as a seller that take some stress away from the process. This blog includes 7 things you should do before you list your home.
Three Surprises Homebuyers Find Out too Late.
Many homebuyers find that the process for finding, purchasing, and moving to their new home causes them significant dissonance. This blog covers three main surprises that homebuyers experience when purchasing a new home.
Mindful Moving Tips: Make the Most Out of your Move.​​​​​​​
Moving is a lot. Why not make the most of it with CENTURY 21 Elite's services? Check out these moving tips to make the most of your journey.
Print Media.

CENTURY 21 Elite's property management flyer. 

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