Electric Kool-Aid, an original acrylic painting on a ten by eight-inch stretched canvas. A folk art style coyote sits on its back legs with its front legs stretched toward the air.
Electric Kool-Aid
Orginal by Rylie Daisha 
Completed on February 6, 2022
An acrylic painting on a 10x8 inch stretched canvas

Electric Kool-Aid is an original painting that incorporates key style features of folk art. This piece is meant to be an appreciation for the folk art style.  
The coyote accepts the life of the sun and lives by the moon. The energy, represented by colors, that surrounds the coyote pulses through his existence.
Black - Power
Orange - Adventure
Light Blue - Freedom
Green - Nature
Yellow - Opportunity
Red - Energy
Light Purple - Spirit
Dark Purple - Mystery
This painting represents the energy flowing through the wild nature of the coyote, and the circle of energy in the universe.  

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