Moon Baby, an orginal acrylic painting by Rylie Daisha. A folk art style dog howls at the moon.
Moon Baby⁠
Orginal by Rylie Daisha 
Completed on July 20, 2020
An acrylic painting on a 2.5 by 3.5 inch stretched canvas

This cute little canvas is a folk art piece. I used my dog, Perci, as the model for the dog in the painting. This folk art depiction represents the true aura of a human's best friend. 
As the colorful dog howls under the full moon, he stands out against the grey, neutral landscape. His aura is vivid, shining with the moon. 
His true nature is revealed under the full moon. His bright colors signify the energy that he brings to the universe:
Black - Power
White - Purity
Purple - Spirituality
Blue - Loyalty
Pink - Love
Yellow - Happiness
Orange - Adventurous
In the light of the night, all is revealed.

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