Pain Blooms, an original acrylic painting on a twelve-inch stretched canvas. A hand with bleeding cuts reaches toward the sky through roses.
Pain Blooms
Orginal by Rylie Daisha 
Completed on January 13, 2022
An acrylic painting on a 12 inch stretched canvas

A depiction of an individual's struggle with mental health and self-harm. The hand riddled with cuts reaches out for someone, anyone, to pull them out of the layers of roses. 
Under the roses, they cannot see their own blossoms, rather they feel darkness and pain. They feel lost and in the dark, not seeing the beauty and grace that those who walk by see. Those who see think, "Why disturb what is growing so well? What can I do to make this environment any better than it already is?". 
Meanwhile, under the roses, they hope that someone sees the pain and can pull them out of the darkness. 
This is a dilemma of mental health, what you see, and what they see. Two sides to the same coin, beauty, and pain. 

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